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Real Estate Business: The Fledgling Agent

Trust is essential when you’re in the realty business. Gain your clients’ trust and the deal’s good as done. It’s one of the major factors that separate the best broker from the inefficient ones.

So how do you gain a client’s trust?

Time and Passion

The key is being genuine, both in time and passion.

Don’t waste their time. Return their phone calls, emails; show up-early in meetings, and note when you’re nearing the end of it. Among the rookie mistakes a fledgling agent makes is going over the time limit of your scheduled meet-up.

Remember that your client has money. And to get that money he needs to work. That means outside the time he allotted you is meant for other business. So get your point across as clear and as fast as possible.

Being prepared helps you achieve this. Do your homework. You should be familiar with the place you’re selling better than the people who built it. Every detail of it should be committed to memory or is inside that folder you’re carrying.

The great thing about following the above advice is if you do it right it’ll make your client see you as someone who’s passionate above his job. That’s a great impression to make. And if you follow through and deliver more than what’s expected of you there’s a high chance that client will recommend you to his other associates.

Discuss Pitfalls

It’s often said in every relationship that trust is easily broken. Make one mistake and it cracks like glass. Make several more and that crack widens like a spider-web until it finally shatters.

For an inexperienced broker, however, mistakes are difficult to avoid. After all, mistake is the fire that tempers experience.

But there are several tips you can follow that will help you lessen bumping unto these mistakes. One of which is discussing pitfalls with clients.

This will help you identify unforeseen circumstances that may come up and make plans ahead of time if they happen to surface. It’ll also lessen the tension your client may feel if that negative aspect is somewhat unavoidable.

You can always describe it as a minor hiccup or a small bump in the road.

Another effective way of avoiding mistakes is observing how the pros work. Study their work habit. How do they reel their clients in? Are there any incentives they’re giving the client that helps them close deals faster?

It’s even better if you befriend one. And that friendship should also be genuine. Pros often guard their techniques and approach, especially to someone’s who’s a competition. But they will take you under their wing if they see as someone who’s passionate.

lazy agent

Why, you ask?

Because experts despise lazy brokers who have somehow infiltrated the business. It soils their hard-earned reputation and they get associated to people who are just phoning it in. Some are even calling for stricter regulations on how to acquire a broker license.

So before you enter this business you have to ask yourself if this is really for you. Understand that people’s investments are at stake here, as well as the reputation of brokers who genuinely care about their clients.

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