How to find a good real estate agent?

Selling or buying a real estate is a serious decision and financial risk. So many aspects should be included into detailed calculation with the aim to make an informed and educated decision. There’s no doubt that having an expert next to you to assist you in analyzes and to give you professional directions is a great advantage. The trouble is finding reliable and reputable real estate agent. So, here’s a list of some aspects you should pay attention to and some small actions you can apply to estimate the true value and influence of the real estate you consider to hire.

Check the license first

Before evaluating other characteristics, make sure your chosen real estate agent is licensed professional with legal permission to work in real estate industry. Most countries have a specialized regulatory body in charge of licensing real estate agents and realtors. At the same place, you have a chance to check if there is any disciplinary process going on against your chosen real estate agent.

Right credentials and solid experience

You want to hire a real estate agent who is competent, well-educated and experienced, preferably right in the field of trading your property belongs to. Many real estate agents take various courses specializing in certain real estate trading fields. If you see some title in front of their names, ask for additional education and training. Keep in mind that a real estate agent and a realtor are not the same things, in spite of frequent use as synonyms. Realtor is the members of National Association of Realtors. Also, ask the agents for how long they have been in the real estate industry. It’s not like there are no exceptions, but the most experienced agent is, the greater chances of getting truly valuable service.

Talk to the ex-clients

Get the information about previous clients and jobs a real estate agent dealt with and analyze their experiences. Compare your property with theirs, ask for the final selling or buying prices, duration of the process and any other peculiar aspect they have experienced while working with your real estate agent.

Check the agent’s actual knowledge

Come up with some interest and questions about sold or bought properties in your area and evaluate the explanations and answers agent offers you. If he is familiar with these transactions, that gives you certain assurance that he’s keeping a track and being fully in the matter.

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